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End2End — e-commerce from beginning to end.
Technology, marketing and logistics for e-commerce. First time all this in one complex service.
Business model and projects
Business model and projects

Business Canvas workshops
Designing and optimization
User tests


E-commerce platform
Dedicated implementation
Integration with ERP systems,
WMS, CRM maintenance

Marketing and sales
Marketing and sales

Marketing campaigns
Sales channel management
Price comparison engines, SEM, RTB...
Success Fee payment model

Order logistics
Order logistics

Courier distribution
Cargo storage
Collecting orders
Documentation printout
Collection On Delivery option
Returns support

Sales process services
Stock & offer management

Management of he warehouse and the offers
Call Center
Monitoring accounts with the operators

From designing, through technology, marketing,
shipment acceptance and delivery to post-sales service.
We’ll help youcreate and optimize your e-commerce.

Business model and projects

We use Business Model Canvasin order to help our clients find the best business solution.We pay special attention to Usability, which is why we follow the User Centered Design.


We provide complex implementation. We use our own platform or an open source solution (Magento). We provide hosting, SLA and maintenance. We integrate with ERP, WMS and CRM.

Marketing and sales

We provide effective marketing services and MultiChannel sales. We manage all online channels – store, SEM, price comparison engine, RTB transactional platforms... We follow the Success Fee model – you pay only for the effects.

Order logistics

We are able to collect thecargo from the suppliers, store it and manage it. We send complete fiscal orders. We support courier distribution. We work both in the dropshipping and outsourcing model. We charge only for the activities performed.

Sales process services

We manage the store and provide telephone information services via ourCall Center. We deal with both payments and returns. We accept returns and support Collection On Delivery.

Comprehensive service

We can build your eCommerce and run it as a complex sales and distribution channel. Complex service means one responsibility, optimization, flexibility and lower costs. Download and read our case studies.

We can guide you through the whole process or just help you in the chosen areas. We charge according to the Success Fee model — which means you optimize and scale your business with no risk.

Flexibility and optimization are just part of the benefits!

  • Change fixed costs for variable costs — staff, storing space and their optimal use are no longer your problem!
  • Improve the quality and tempo — of order deliveries and return service — use the support of our logistics experts.
  • Follow your own path of development — outsourcing and dropshipping will increase flexibility and scalability of your business as you will only pay for the performed services.
  • You use services of the predictable partners, who operate on a large scale and who provide savings of tens of percent!
  • Use stable technology and hosting — your sales channel will be always available.
  • Test new sales channels and marketing strategies — you will be charged according to the Success Fee model so no need to worry about the risk.
  • Using the services of only one provider is enough to optimize the whole process and maintain top quality. One provider means one responsibility.

We’ll provide you with a free business analysis!

Leave us our contact data. Let’s schedule a meeting so we can tell you about the details of our offer and choose a solution tailored for your business.

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